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Success with a digital camera begins with an understanding of the fundamentals. First, some camera operation basics that are universal to all cameras and using the automatic exposure modes. Then, the importance of aspect ratio and print sizes, understanding image size in pixels, JPEG image compression qualities, print resolution, file formats, and file size. All are important factors that affect display quality, editing possibilities, and storage aspects of the digital image.

Got the basics of digital images? Start taking better pictures! Learn the key principals that will improve your photography skills, no matter what type of camera you use. Including: camera handling technique, creative lens use, focusing tips, artistic compositional elements, and some tips on using the built-in flash.

For many digital camera owners, learning the methods to archive and then access your digital images it is just as important as camera operation. Also, discover the exciting new ways available to display your digital images and the alternative methods possible to share your life’s memories.

Unlock the full potential of your camera by understanding the “out of automatic” exposure modes. By learning how to adjust the shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO you can change the creative properties of your image! Then, learn how your camera’s light metering system works and how by learning the light metering overrides work you can improve your exposure.

A popular book that good reviews is:

John Wiley & Sons Inc 9780470768785 Digital SLR Photography All-in-One for Dummies By Correll, Robert

A full-color resource covers the keys to good photography, including lighting, composition and exposure; the basics of cameras and lenses, including macro and telephoto lenses; dSLR workflow; and camera settings and also includes minibooks on video, editing images, HDR photography and more. Original. *Author: Correll, Robert *Series Title: For Dummies *Publication Date: 2010/11/16 *Number of Pages: 659 *Binding Type: Paperback *Language: English *Depth: 1.50 *Width: 7.25 *Height: 9.00 SKU: UBM9780470768785

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